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A multi-media pour created by MR Blare of the dream she had of the Archangel Michael holding her through the battle of life.

Introducing Inyan Kara Studio's Blog and Podcast "NO WORRIES"

Please join us on NO WORRIES, IKS' new blog every week as well as our weekly podcast on Wednesday mornings!

No Worries will be broadcast from our home office and we will discuss life for Christians in this ever-changing world. Such topics as the challenges we face in the Church, the home, our jobs, politics, schools (public and private), and so much more.

Your questions will be taken by text, online, and blog throughout the week. Scripture, science-based evidence, archaeological, eye-witness accounts, and other evidence will be used to support our opinions, but no heated debates or antagonistic theological discussions are allowed on air. That will only be allowed on Facebook or Twitter and must abide by their guidelines (no hate speech, racism, cursing, etc. allowed... only civil discussion.)


Welcome to NO WORRIES!

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